Danao City is one of the cities of Cebu province located in the northern part 10°31’ latitude by 120°3’ longitude. It is 33 kilometers north of Cebu City, bounded by the municipality of Carmen in the north, municipalities of Balamban and Asturias in the west, municipality of Compostela in the south and Camotes Sea in the east. It is 3.43 meters above sea level and has a land area of 107.3 square kilometers divided into 42 barangays, 14 of which are urban and 28 rural. There are 170 sitios and based on the LGU of Danao City records, total population as of 2014 is 126,180 with a voting population of 86,904 based on October 2013 COMELEC records. It has 2 seaports located at Barangays Poblacion and Dunggo-an.

Vital installations are: (1) 1 electric relay station located at barangay Guinsay; (2) 3 commercial mobile phones cell sites and 1 industrial establishment (Mitsumi Inc) all located at barangay Sabang. Major commercial institutions are: (1) 5 commercial banks located at Poblacion; (2) 4 private commercial centers located at Brgy. Poblacion. Farming, fishing, cottage industry and employment in government and private firms are the major sources of livelihood. The incumbent mayor is RAMON “NITO” DUTERTE DURANO III. Danao City Police Station as of this date has an effective strength of 2 PCOs, 61 PNCOs and 5 NUPs. However, it is complimented by 50 civilian Traffic Law Enforcers and 1 civilian drivers and 2 radio operators from the city government. Danao City Police Station is presently occupying the lower portion of the building owned by the city government located along the National Road fronting the sea coast.

Organic personnel total of 55 broken down as follows: 1- PSUPT, 1- PINSP, 5 - SPO4s, 2- SPO3s, 3- SPO2s, 4- SPO1s, 13- PO3s, 8 - PO2s, and 26- PO1. with police to population ratio of 1:2,003


The core values of the PNP are also the integral values of Danao CPS charter statement. The values of Makadiyos – Pro-God, Makabayan – Pro- Nation, Makatao - Pro-People and Makakalikasan- Pro- Environment serves as the essential virtues of the kind of Police Service that Danao CPS performed. We added one more value that is reflected of Danao CPS as a public safety and security service provider, this value shall foster our ideals and aspirations of being always flexible, creative and resilient in responding to prevailing issues and concern.


Danao is a third class city in the province of Cebu Province, Philippines. According to the 2010 census, it has a population of 119,252.Danao lies within Metro Cebu area.