The Danao City Police Station statements aligned with CPPO Charter Statement and is formulated through a Specific, Manageable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bounded (S.M.A.R.T.) ideals and aspirations of the PNP, this serves as the roadmap of our mission, in order to attain the vision that on 2030, DCPS shall be a highly capable, effective and reliable police force.

The charter also contains the four perspectives of policing, the laws by which we derived our mandate and the core values that shall bring us to where we want to be. All undertakings are now consistently being executed in strict accordance with the contents of the Danao CPS Charter Statement. With the charter statement in place and the personnel fully informed, the machine that shall bring us to change is now operational.


From the anonymous saying “Life without vision is like a frame without a picture, it holds nothing”, the significance of our Vision Statement is to make us hold on the picture of what we would become in the future.Thus, Danao City Police Station aligned its vision with that of Cebu PPO which is coherent with the vision of the PNP as an organization. Danao City Police Station now holds a vivid picture of its level of performance in the community within a time.


Pursuant to our mandate under the Philippine Constitution and the provisions of Republic Act 6975 as amended by RA 8551 and further amended by R.A. 9708, Danao City Police Station adheres to the overall mission of the Philippine National Police. However, we add a more definite guiding principle in terms of our resiliency in coping up with the climate change, putting emphasis of our role in Disaster Management Operations during calamities.