Do's abd Dont's while in a taxi


When riding a taxi in Cebu, Philippines always be mindful to take extra careful. Eventhough there are many good news we hear on T.V or in radio. But there are cases happen that taxi's are not safe like holdup and scam, the use of knockout gas, airport taxi scams, taxi plate number switch scam, and taxi drivers robbing from foreigner. Since then the Philippine Natinal Police(PNP) released an awareness campaign againts this crimes.

1.  Let your family and friends know the information about the taxi that you are hiring/riding.

2. Always make it a point to text or call friends and family members about the name and plate number of the taxi you are riding.

3. If something seems wrong, get off the taxi.

4. Stick to your routes. Be wary of so-called shortcuts.

5. Avoid sleeping inside the taxi.

6. Do not give away too much information about yourself.